Five Healthy Hair Rules I {Almost} Never Break

First of all, I’m so excited to focus on my blog this year! I sat down and wrote down literally 20 ideas for blog posts that popped into my head last week and it really got me motivated about connecting with you all through this medium! I’ve struggled with “fashion blogging” in the past, because although I enjoy clothes and fashion, it’s all so frivolous and the thought of sitting down and spending my life writing about it does NOT appeal to me. So when I started seeing the phrase “lifestyle blogger” around the internets a couple years ago, I was super interested and knew it was something I wanted to do.

Although I love sharing outfit inspo with you through my pictures,  I want to do more than that! I want to be like a big (or little) sister to you, sharing a variety of things that inspire or help me, in hopes that you will also be inspired or helped.

So here we go.. my first post (hopefully, of many) of 2017: Five Healthy Hair Rules I {Almost} Never Break.

I’m often (usually multiple times per day) asked about my hair. How do I keep it healthy? How do I style it? How do I make it look shiny? How is it so thick? Etc. I’ve had long, thick hair for as long as I can remember, and I have followed five simple hair “rules” as long as I can remember, too. I can only assume that, in addition to lucky genes, following these rules has helped me to keep my hair healthy and thick.

Rule 1: Be kind.

 I cannot even list all the times I’ve seen ladies brushing or styling their hair in such a rough and careless way that I literally wanted to cringe. Like, ouch.

I have always thought of my hair as a long-term commitment, so I make sure to take the best possible care of it. I take my time when combing and brushing it out and if I know I don’t have enough time to do it right, I won’t do it! Literally, I will throw on a hat or headband and forget about it until I can squeeze in a proper session.

When you’re detangling, start from the tips and work your way up in 2-inch increments until eventually your whole head is tangle free. If you just can’t seem to get through this without tearing your hair or getting frustrated, buy some detangler! No need to stress yourself out. I’ve tried these ones and they’re really good:

Rule 2: Eat right.

It’s a common known fact these days that your diet has a huge impact on almost every aspect of your well being. I’ve always been focused on eating a healthy, balanced diet with lots of fruit and veggies (and protein, too!) and I believe this has had an impact on my hair’s health. If you have any doubts about whether you’re getting enough of the good stuff from your diet, look into a good, raw multivitamin or biotin supplement.

Rule 3: Beauty sleep for healthy hair.

Although letting your hair go free and wild might feel like the obvious way to sleep, don’t do it! Especially if you have a cotton pillow case, or super long hair, you really shouldn’t sleep with your hair down. Because my hair is so heavy, I sleep with it in a braid (or two), but if you have less hair than I do, a loose bun on top of your head will probably work too. Not only will keeping your hair contained while you sleep help prevent breakage, it will also limit frizz!

Rule 4: Limit heat (duh)

If you haven’t already heard this, WHERE have you been?! Seriously though, I do blow dry my hair pretty regularly, but only for a minute or two, and only after applying a heat protectant (THIS ONE is my favorite, and it’s just a few dollars).

Rule 5: Don’t wash daily.

This is kind of controversial, and some people probably think not washing your hair every day is disgusting, but I only wash it every other day, unless I have a sweaty workout two days in a row. By not washing your hair daily, you will allow it to maintain more of its natural oil. Natural oil = shine (no straw hair here!).

Skirt: old Seven-Two Denim; Top: SkirtSociety; Boots: Ivanka Trump

I hope at least one of these tips helps you to take better care of your hair! I’d love to hear about any tips you guys have for haircare that maybe aren’t so obvious!


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  1. Yes, your diet definitely is a big part of your hair’s health! I have started eating cleaner the past few months and can see a difference in my hair.

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