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Happy Monday, lovelies!

Today’s outfit features this adorable gray dress with polka dots from LaLaRoe, specifically, my friend Jen (@lularoepittsburgh on IG). This dress, called the “Amelia dress” is the perfect length (I’m 5’4″), it’s made from a comfortable, warm material and has such a flattering cut with a cinched waist and free hips. Also, it has an adorable exposed but understated silver zipper up the back that I really wish I had thought to get a photo of!

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I just love it! I plan to wear it with boots and a blazer next time, maybe with a plaid collared shirt underneath? So many options with this dress! Today I paired it with a white collared shirt and a silk scarf tying the colors of my vintage belt, Ann Taylor pumps, and gray knit tights together.

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I also wanted to talk a little about tea today. Ever since I quit coffee last year (it was quite the accomplishment, let me tell you..), I’ve delved deeper and deeper into the world of tea. I replaced my morning coffee with chai tea (with a bit of honey and some almond milk for creaminess) and I drink a variety of tea throughout the day. Tea is zero calories, so it’s totally okay to indulge all the day long! It’s a beautiful thing really :).

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I think loose leaf tea is not only deliciously flavorful, but it also packs quite a punch in the presentation department. 🙂 Whenever I drink loose leaf outside of my house, I always get a load of questions from curious observers. Of course, it helps that my loose leaf travel mugs are transparent, here’s a link to my fav. You can find similar tea tumblers: here, here and here.

One of my favorite teas to drink throughout the day, because it’s a white tea variety and I’m trying not to overdo the caffeine these days, is Teavana’s Youthberry tea. I also have a collection of green teas to drink throughout the day.

Are you a tea lover? What’s your favorite tea or tea accessory? I’d love to hear!

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    Very cute! Love the tights.


    I love the matcha (powdered green tea) at teavana! And you look lovely as always. 🙂

  • I’d love to start drinking more tea and less coffee thanks for the info