Happy Thursday, lovelies!

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! Mine was almost embarrassingly slow and lazy- I spent at least six hours laying around, reading and listening to Audible books. Hey, at least I did migrate between the sofa and a chair on the deck, periodically. 🙂

Anyway, now that Memorial Day has passed, I wanted to share my modest summer essentials with you. Summertime isn’t exactly known for its selection of modest apparel, but there are key wardrobe pieces that I use every time the temperature rises, and I’ve located a selection of these for you, at reasonable prices.


#1. Neutral, light cardigans.

Obviously, summer dresses are EVERYWHERE right now, in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately for those of us concerned with modesty, many of these dresses do not include sleeves and/or a modest neckline. I’ve built a collection of cardigans over the years, in wool-like materials for the winter and lighter, thinner material for the warmer months. I find myself wearing these to DEATH, so it’s good to have more than one!

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#2. Nude camisoles.

Because of the thinner fabrics we tend to wear during summer, my next essential is definitely a good nude undershirt! Some fabrics are technically opaque, but they still show the lines of your “underthings” through them. This is the perfect use of a stretchy, seamless nude thank. We have some in stock at Skirt Society (you can click HERE for a direct link to the camisole), that are perfect for tucking in or leaving untucked.

tank pic

#3. Bright, fun skirts.

Now is definitely the time to sport all of those fun, bright midi skirts! Florals, stripes, whimsical prints and fun colors are all perfect for the warm months and I hate to waste these long, warm days on boring outfits :)! We have several in stock at Skirt Society…


Dream Skirt – CLICK HERE

Floral Petal Skirt – CLICK HERE

Porcelain Skirt – CLICK HERE

Red Roses Water Color Skirt – CLICK HERE

Spring Skirt – CLICK HERE

Cotton Candy Skirt – CLICK HERE

#4. Snap-on camis (aka modesty panels).

When I first saw these, I literally laughed. I thought they were such a weird concept, I mean, why not just wear a tank top under? But then I actually wore one, and I’ve been a believer ever since! These little panels are so easy to use, they don’t add an extra layer to your outfit for you to bother with all day, they’re easily adjustable and a whole set of 5 colors is only $12.99, with free shipping- that’s cheaper than most undershirts!

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#5. Maxi dresses.

Yes, I would say that midi dresses can be worn year-round, but I almost never wear them during the colder months, because I’m generally wearing tights and boots and who wants to walk around in tights, boots, AND a maxi dress to stick to said tights and boots every time you take a step?! Not I.

To me, this is another item like the fun, patterned midi skirts I love so much, that I want to take full advantage of during summer. Paired with strappy sandals, a white cardigan and a sun hat, a maxi dress is basically a summer vacation STAPLE to me!

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Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments if you have a modest summer essential that I missed!


Melissa Z

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