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I think it’s probably pretty obvious that I am a “pink is the new pink” girl, and I will always love pink. I remember going through a phase where my friends at school almost convinced me that pink was for little girls and I should move on to more “grown up” favorite colors like blue and orange. I remember thinking, “Seriously? Blue and orange?” Then I tried to find things in my wardrobe with blue and orange in them for a couple days (insert eye roll) before I gave up because I realized I couldn’t change the fact that I loved the feminine and warm comfort of pink!

My mom’s favorite color has always been pink and she looks gorgeous in it, so it’s natural that I have such positive feelings attached to the color! When I shop these days, (by “shop,” I mean sit at my computer and click around the internets, adding stuff to my “Want List” Pinterest board) I try to think about what colors go well with pink and I’m drawn to neutrals and powdery blues and grays. When I saw this blue dress from StyleWe (c/o), I thought it would be lovely paired with soft pink accessories.

It’s so funny to remember myself trying to “fit in” with my friends, even to the point that I tried to “change” my favorite color. I wish I could go back and tell myself to embrace my girliness and capitalize on my uniqueness! Okay, fourth grader Melissa probably didn’t even know the definition of “capitalize,” or maybe she did- she LOVED reading, after all- but you catch my drift. Back then, it seemed like being different was a bad thing. Funny how things have changed between that world and my world today! Today, I actually ENJOY looking different! This hair style for example, not many people wear it and I always get comments about it from strangers out and about and I love it!

Whatever your unique characteristic is, I hope you see it as a gift and use it to inspire other ladies out there. I’m always so inspired when I see people using their uniqueness for their (and others’) advantage. Petite bloggers, tall bloggers, plus size bloggers, physically disabled bloggers, modest bloggers, budget bloggers, etc. have all turned their uniqueness into a niche to have a voice and inspire others through the internet and social media. Super cool!

Anyway, I am also inspired by the beautiful detailing on this StyleWe dress. Check out the beautiful, scalloped, eyelash lace sleeve hem. Just beautiful! Other than the sleeves, the dress is lined and the quality is gorgeous. I think it would be perfect for special occasions paired with nude accessories, as would a number of other modest dresses on the site that I will link to below.


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