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Snoga Modest Workout Wear Skirted Fancy

In case you can’t tell from my IG overgramming, my little family and I have been having a blast enjoying San Diego the past couple weeks! With all this gorgeous weather, being active and outside is a huge part of life here and I love it! We’ve been staying a couple blocks from the beach, so we’ve enjoyed walking the dogs down the boardwalk and pier as often as we can, trying to get them used to all the other dogs (there are TONS here!)

You all know how much I love my Snoga Skirted Legging collection for hiking, biking, chilling, etc., so I thought it was about time I devote a full blog post to them. I tried many modest workout wear options before I found Snoga, so I have a lot of things to compare my collection to. I’ve given some thought to fit, material, quality, cost and sizing so I can fill you all in (oh, and I have a discount code for you all!)

Fit & Sizing– All my Snoga pieces are size medium, which I would say is my normal size for a stretchy, A-line skirt like this one.  I’m sure the “true to size” conversation can go in a lot of different directions, depending on your body type and the particular cut of the item, so let’s chat about that.. Snoga skirt leggings have a thick waist elastic, which I wear at my true waist. I’m 5’3″ish, so this works for me, but perhaps taller girls can wear the waistband lower on their abdomens. All of my Snoga pieces hit about midway through my knee, so again, for the taller girls of the world, I imagine they could run a bit short, unless you wear them lower on your waist.

Material & Quality- This may be my favorite thing about Snoga skirt leggings! Snoga pieces are made from super high quality material, with a nice weight to them. The material has a slight sheen and wonderful stretch and all the seams are well done and very detailed. I also wanted to mention that the latest version of Snoga pieces have an awesome zipped pocket for your key at the back of the waistband- I LOVE this feature and use it all the time! I just wish I could fit my phone in there (LOL)!

Cost- All the Snoga leggings I see on the website are under $65. I don’t know why, but I was thinking they were closer to $100 a piece, so call me very pleasantly surprised! In my (modest workout wear experienced) opinion, that price is amazing for what you get when you order from Snoga! If you are active and have a need for activewear that will last many hikes, squats, jet ski rides, and washes, I believe you will be pleased to have spent under $65 on a piece from Snoga.

Don’t forget to use the code “FANCYSNOGA” for 10% off your purchase at Snoga’s website!



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