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Okay, we all know I’m a high heel girl. Always have been. I hope I always will be. Heels and me. Forever and ever. Amen.

However, once in a while I lay eyes on a pair of not-heels that just do a certain something for me. Usually they’re in the form of super comfy flip flops (like my (and every other blogger’s) all-time favs here) or sneaks (I’m currently dyyyyiing for these a lil bit!), but occasionally, they’re something else.

When I saw my first pair of slides (these white ones in the polka dot skirt outfit), I immediately wanted them! They have a super “cool girl” vibe (not that I care about being a cool girl, but why not), a slight platform, and they look terribly similar to a certain other brand’s version that costs like, I don’t know, 87 times as much, approximately?

While drooling over those, the online retailer recommended the amazing mustard pair in the sidebar and, what can I say, effective marketing like that makes my online retailer heart sing!

Anyway, thank you to Shein for sending me both of these lovely slides for this post and starting my relationship with cool girl slides.

Modest Fashion Blogger

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After I received the mustard and white pairs, I went to Ross one day, looking for a furry ottoman (score- found the perfect one that day!), when I somehow found myself in the shoe department. I know, crazy *insert eye roll*! While I was there, (confused as to how I arrived there, of course) I saw the perfect pink pair of criss-cross slides to complete my collection and it felt like destiny (since they were literally $12.99- how do you say “no” to that?) I found a very similar pair for this post for $23, not too shabby.

I’m not sure how long the slide trend will last, or if I will feel like wearing all these cuties again next spring/summer, but considering all three pairs were super affordable, I feel completely comfortable with my little sandal addiction!

How do you feel about slide sandals? Do you have any? Which other trends would you like to see in three outfits for my next #styledwithaskirt blog post? Head over to my Instagram page and let me know!


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