I had a horrible realization the other day… I have NO fall clothing with me in San Diego. Cool weather was the LAST thing on my mind when we came out, so I literally didn’t bring anything more substantial than a hoodie (I literally brought one hoodie.)

Because of this, I have quite the fall wishlist as of today. Yes, I will go back to our LR home and grab some clothes before I freeze to death, buuut, I’m in San Diego. One does not freeze to death in San Diego, any time of year. So traveling for fall clothes isn’t really a priority, ya know what I mean?

Complete lack of fall clothing aside, I am loving all of the new things coming out for the new season, so I wanted to share part of my wishlist with you since I know it can be tough to find modest clothing when the temperatures drop (particularly skirts)!

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I’m loving all the red available for fall, in addition to all of the new booties with fresh details and all the texture, of course! What are you looking forward to for fall?


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