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Is Southern California Fall Fashion a thing? Also, does anyone use the word ‘autumn’ anymore? It sounds so much prettier than ‘fall,’ but it’s a whole extra syllable and almost feels a little pretentious to type it out since I have to sound it out in my head as I type.

ANYWAY, Southern California fall is totally different from fall in other places- places where there are seasons, with marked temperature changes, turning leaves and dormant grass (I had no idea that was a thing until I moved to the south after I got married- waking up to a brown lawn for the first time was shocking!) Here in San Diego, the palm trees (and grass) stay green year-round and, honestly, we could probably comfortably wear summer clothes every season and be just fine.

Still though, I like to dress for Southern California fall. This means light layers, tights and scarves (at night… near the ocean.) I saw this mock neck sweater on Amazon and I knew it would be just autumnal (you liked that, didn’t you..) enough for me. Of course, I couldn’t very well pair it with something extreme like suede boots, so I went with these amazing strappy sandals to add some texture and color. The sweater is one-size, unfortunately, but it would fit a wide variety of sizes since it’s so generously cut and stretchy. I picked a favorite dark denim skirt (I’ve had it for at least two years) to wear with it because I wanted the shoes to pop as much as possible.

The bag, though! *insert heart eyes* its teeny, without being too teeny, and it adds so much interest to everything I’ve worn it with. I haven’t attempted to dress it up yet, but I think it can be done. The dramatic ring handle is my favorite part I think. I swing it around ring-around-the-rosie style because I just can’t resist. I’m sure John really appreciated that while he was trying to get clear photos for me.

Lastly, I topped everything off with a polished bun and a deep side part for a little drama.. in an attempt to limit the drama to the hair department. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What’s fall like where you live? Would love to hear from you on my Instagram account!


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