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Happy Wednesday/humpday/more than halfway done day!

Do you ever get home from work on Wednesday and reeeally need a little something to help brighten up the rest of your week? Since I work from home usually, the scenario goes like this: I suddenly realize my obligatory eight hours-ish have passed and I’m starving and exhausted, almost like I just finished hard core black Friday shopping or something of that magnitude. I stretch, check IG, pet the dogs (they’re pretty much always within five feet or so of wherever I am,) and kinda just want to curl up and go to sleep!

NOT TODAY, ladies! I have the perfect mid-week pick-me-up for you, in dress formthis is Skirted Fancy, after all.ย  This dress is all kinds of fancy and femininity, with its dramatic bell sleeves, gorgeous floral print and fun shade of fuschia pink. Honestly, this dress makes me want to go to more fuschia-pink-bell-sleeved-dress-appropriate places! Also, it’s on major sale! Talk about a Wednesday treat!

I’m currently in the air, somewhere between Texas and Oklahoma, so I figured I would take the opportunity to write out this blog post for you all so you don’t miss out on your size since the dress is on sale. Let me know if you get one!



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PS- This adorable purse is linked in this post from last week and I’m still loving it! I have officially styled casual and dressy and I love it both ways!

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