Metallic Skirt Denim Jacket

Are you guys tired of seeing this little bag yet? I rarely buy small bags because I figure they’re not really practical for my busy lifestyle, but I have found myself grabbing this one so often that I think my opinion on small bags has changed! Also, this bag is now under $30! Plus free shipping if you’re a Prime member!

You guys who have followed my fashion page for a while know how much I love dressing up. I love girly things like heels, metallics, poofy skirts, etc. to no end. Now that my ordinary life has become a lot less dressy (I’m still an attorney but I usually work from home- possibly in my pjs some days :p), I like throwing dressy, girly pieces into an outfit along with super casual items. I also like items that are casual, but have some element that makes them feel a little more elevated.

I wanted a distressed denim jacket for a while, but they’re just sooo casual that I wasn’t sure how much I would actually wear one. I saw this coat version and I knew it would fit my needs perfectly since it has that distressed, casual vibe but it’s elevated with bronze buttons, square pockets and this super unique long length.

I saw a girl on the popular page of ig a while back wearing a metallic gold mini skirt paired with a casual logo tee and a distressed denim jacket and I loved the combination of casual and fancy and decided to give it a shot with a more modest skirt.

I’m sure this combo isn’t for everyone, but I love it! Also, how can you get a better graphic tee than this one that says “Focus on your goals baby girl”?! I LOVE it and I hope that you really do focus on your goals this week no matter how tough it may get! It’ll be worth it!


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  • You’ve made that into a really nice outfit, you look good in anything though.