There are so many beautiful formal gowns on the market, but it’s always been tough to find a selection of them that’s modest. Every time a gala or formal holiday dinner comes around, I panic a little bit. These days, the modest fashion world has plenty of cocktail dresses available for us, but when an event is just a little bit fancier the pickins are slim, ladies.  Gold Modest Formal Gown

Dress (c/o) | Watch (similar) | Clutch (similar) | Fur Stole (similar) | Heels (similar)

I was so excited when Tahari ASL reached out to me to try this gown. Honestly, any day I get to rock my grandma’s fur stole and pretend I’m a princess is a good day, but the golden gown was like a cherry on top of the best sundae ever.

I ordered up (why do I do this to myself so often!?), and of course regretted it because it IS true to size. Because of my schedule, I didn’t time to exchange it so I had it taken in. I also had the drapey back piece stitched into place with a few small stitches to be sure it stayed modest throughout the evening. It turned out to be the perfect modest formal dress and I highly recommend it!

The modest formal dress is fitted and feminine, so I loved the look of it paired with this vintage fur stole. I probably wouldn’t buy fur new (even though I’m a failed vegan, I still love animals and hate the thought of an animal dying to make a fur stole for me to wear once a year), but I feel oh so glam in this piece. I found a great dupe and linked it for you above and below. It’s under $30, so it’s definitely worth a shot if you have any formal events coming up!

I know a bunch of you have questions about this hairstyle, so I’m putting together a post for next week to share my current hair faves and some instructions for this ‘do. Stay tuned!


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