if you get tired learn to rest not to quit

WOW. What a year. Can’t say 2017 was the best year or the worst, but it was definitely one packed full of life lessons, that’s for sure.

1. Things can change fast. Like, really, really fast. Like, from one split second to the next. Appreciate everything and everyone in your world right now, because it can all be different in a moment.

2. A good straightener can be a day changer.

3. There is nothing in the world as warm and fuzzy (and confidence-boosting!) as a great marriage.

4. Small handbags are actually not as impractical as I thought and I kind of love them.

5. Sometimes living the lifestyle you thought you’d always live ain’t so easy. Prepare for the challenging times before you’re actually in them with a strong foundation and habits.

6. Little kids grow so fast. My nieces and nephews are like mini adults now and it’s so sad.

7. Puppies grow even faster. Cherish puppyhood, be patient when they’re being trained and take lots of pictures.

8. How it feels to have grown a six-figure business from scratch in a year (it feels pretty good).

9. Take care of your nails, keep them manicured and you will always feel like you have your life together a little more than you actually do.

10. Stress makes your face break out, no question about it.

11. Not everyone who acts like a friend is a friend.

12. Have compassion and don’t judge or life will teach you to have compassion and not to judge.

13. Psychology is very, very helpful to understand when dealing with the world and when building a business.

14. Some expensive shoes hurt worse than the cheapest shoes ever- also, 100mm is the limit for a stiletto heel if you actually want to walk, girlfriend.

15. Holding on to anything from the past but selective memories and lessons will do nothing positive for you.

16. If you sit on your butt 12 hours a day working, you will probably gain weight. It could be worth it for a little while, but definitely not while working for someone else.

17.  You don’t have to have all the cute stuff right now. There will be more cute stuff next year and every year after that. The money in the bank is actually cuter than that bag would be in your closet. Sad. So sad but true.

We have so many goals, addressing each part of our lives, so I want to share just a bit of a snapshot.

1. Get one of those massive year calendars that takes up a whole wall and make every square count.

2. Become completely location independent (both John and I), so we can live and work from anywhere in the world.

3. Continue to grow my baby Skirt Society (that has its own list of goals!)

4. Complete the remaining items on our pre-baby checklist :).

5. Go back to the healthy lifestyle we used to have! We miss it so much! Being super physically active and eating lots of colorful, whole foods is so important to your health and we have become way too relaxed in that area.

6. Make SkirtedFancy a more personal space. I want to share TRUE inspiration with you all, in addition to modest outfit inspiration. This is something I’m passionate about, but it takes a lot of effort to do it well!

7. Successfully launch Bits of Fancy – so exciting!

8. Read or listen to audiobooks DAILY- both the Bible and something else.

9. Spend as much time as possible with our family- especially all four of our parents. They’re such amazing people, we’re so blessed to have them in our lives and we don’t want to take them for granted!

10. Start Vlogging to document our journey!

What are some of your goals? I would love to hear about them! Sharing goals is so inspiring to me!


What it’s really like having a photoshoot with pups…


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